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Looking for someone interested in sculpture.

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  • Looking for someone interested in sculpture.

    I'm in Norfolk, VA. I need someone to make or teach me to make armatures, skeleton supports, for my sculpture. Anyone interested?

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    Norfork and way that would be a nice vacation...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      What type material do you sculpt in?


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        A little more background on what you are trying to accomplish would help. If this is going to be visible framework or skeleton assembly, then the weld appearance may be a concern. If it will be hidden, then no biggie. Do you know what kind of welding method you are wanting to learn? MIG or TIG or even stick? What size of material are we talking here, is this going to be for a tabletop, or something that sits out in the yard or is it taller than a house? Just some questions for clarity. Last thought, is there a local art center near you that would teach such things? My intro to welding instruction was part of a 36-hour session at just such a place - totally worth the money. It was a good way to get some hands on experience and determine that what I really wanted to do was TIG and not MIG or oxy/acet.