Q. My job is to instruct students at the local High School in Automotives. The question is : I need a 120 Volt Welder for solid or flux wire, gas sheilding, able to weld up to .125" wall thickness, 1.5" diameter steel tubing. A friend lent me the use of his "Brand X" 120 Volt Welder to build a new rear suspension for my dirt/dune buggy. I liked the infinitely adjustable speed of the wire feed rate. The suspension worked great and stayed on the buggy! The next project is to redesign the front suspension of the Manta Mirage Kit Car. (Submitted by: Alan Grant from Unknown)

A. The Millermatic 135 is the unit for you! It also has infinite voltage and wire speed adjustment with wire speed tracking which compensates for voltage increases. It comes complete with gas valves and regulator for use with solid wires. I believe there is even a sample spool of .024 wire with it.
Hope this helps. Have fun with the teaching!