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1/8" wall tubing for root practice ?

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  • 1/8" wall tubing for root practice ?

    Hey all,

    Looking to practice root passes with 6011,6010 and 7018. How would 1/8' walled tube do for this. I want to try and keep materials costs down...


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    Might be a little thin but what the heck practice is practice...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Thin maybe but I use a 1/8 landing so figured 1/8 would work out ok ? maybe not ?


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        thin wall pipe is normall as you say tube. if it's in fact tube,it maybe for boilers. if tahts the case then it's norally tig. the high strength of boiler tube makes a 6011-10 rod ,of no use. it's is often welded with as i say tig.and 8018 rod.
        however if it water lines ,like a sprintler system the 6010 -or 11 and 7018 is good.
        so looking at that,i would set it up witha 1/8 opening useing 60111 or 10,, 3/32 rod at low amps. likey 40 amps. after the root pass,grind and remove excess weld.
        the code alows a max. reinforement up to 1/8 th. so you may now use 7018-3'/32 and be carefull of your travel speed and amps. if not then you can still blow a hole in the pipe. to combat that you may use stringer beads. this is all in in the a.s.m. e. b31-pipe book.ok?