Q. I'm an amateur road racer and want to fabricate some suspension components. I would be dealing with 4130 tubing .045 - .090 wall. I do not have any thoughts of going into the fabricating business or welding aluminum. I have done some TIG but always on some one else's machine and am definitely still learning. Would a Maxstar 140 be up to the task? (Submitted by: Jim Nash from Bloomington MN)

A. The Maxstar 140 would be about the smallest unit I would try. It will do the job, but because the remote is a hand control, it's not as user friendly as say the Maxstar 200. I have a number of the Maxstar 200's at Hendrick Motorsports and they are using them for exactly what you want to do.
The Maxstar 140 is a good maintainance and light repair machine. I think you will like the 200 better. It too can run off 120 or 230 primary and uses standard remotes like all our other TIG units!