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    Good career choose bro, Im an apprentice with the UA pipefitters union and when im at work i use a fibermetal "pipeliner" hood with a #10 arc one single senior lens and when im at the shop i use my miller elite. never had a problem with either. Oh and your wondering i dont take the miller on the job cuz you wouldn't believe this but construction works steal stuff.


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      Thanks for all the input. Im leaning toward the fibermetal pipe hood . Another question though about the pancake hoods I see they come in right and left side. So i would have to buy both or get cooked on one side. Right????? But I do like the fact that they keep out all the back light . I use a jackson hood and a # 10 gold lens right now and if there is any light behind me its like looking in a mirrior. Do the fibermetal pipe hoods get alot of backlight?
      Thanks Bryan


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        Hi Good Morning Everyone

        I am Thomas Dale

        One if the newest member of the site.

        I do hope we can be friends all.

        And someone will entertain in terms of my queries if ever

        Thank you so much
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          helmets for pipe

          Hi Thomas
          Where are you that it is morning? In Miller land it's nite. Ask your questions and I think someone will answer them!!!


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            Originally posted by Scottis1 View Post
            Haha, most of my pipe welding friends use the old school type helmets, a good old fashion filter lens can't fail you. It's a real eye opener if the auto tint ones do!

            Huntsman 451P ! Best Helmet ever made and still what I prefer over all others. All those fancy helmets are good for is blinding you! Besides I've never seen one with a Gold colored lens and I prefer Gold lens over all others as well. The opening on the fancy hoods is deduced compared to a good 4.5 opening of the Huntsman. It's all about being able to see at the end of the day and all through the day. My batteries will never be run down either.. LOL !! Seriously in production MIG welding shops I can see the use for these automatic helmets but for pipe welding or most TIG applications not so much.


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              Originally posted by Waymack View Post
              been a pipe welder and a tube welder for last 10 years. pipe I use a fiber metal Pipeliner, tube I use a Pipeliner cut down and a sock hood mainly
              Sock hood..... You're a **** of a man is all I can say.... I hate those things ! I haven't ever used one yet that I would call comfortable or something I want to wear more than 2 minutes..