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Welding Tips on Installing a Cage

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  • Welding Tips on Installing a Cage

    Q. Can you give some welding tips on how to install a cage in a car up close to the roof of the car? How do they get nice welds up in those hard to reach areas in between the roll bar and the roof?
    Are there any tricks to getting a good weld when you're in a position where you can't keep the usual ~7/16" electrode stick out while MIG welding in situations like inside a deep V between a cluster of tubes? Turn up the Argon/CO2? Adjust the feed rate and power?
    Any tips would be appreciated. (Submitted by: Tom Carver from Newark, CA )

    A. There are a number of ways to get the job done. Depending on whether or not this is a stock car or drag car, you can weld the cage in first and put the body on later, or weld the driver's top hoop together first in the car and have the glass out of the car to weld the "A" post tubes and rear down tubes.
    As far as getting in those tight places. Some of us use extended contact tips or turn the voltage and wire up a tad to compensate for the extra stick out. The extra stick out causes a voltage drop across the added wire and gives you that high ropey looking bead. You may have to run your flow up to 25-30 CFH depending on how far out you are. Don't get too crazy with the gas. Too much causes turbulence at the weld and will actually pull in contaminants.