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Welding Round Tub Chassis With MIG

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  • Welding Round Tub Chassis With MIG

    Q. Hello - just was wondering on welding round tube chassis with MIG,I have a problem with where I start and stop welding around the tube. Obviously you have to but it looks bad where I do this, otherwise the bead has a nice pretty weave! Is this common? Should I just not worry about it? Your help on this would be greatly appreciated! (Submitted by: Brandon from queen creek az )

    A. Not knowing what your machine settings are, what type of machine it is and whether you are pushing or dragging the gun, your start/end tie in will look a bit higher than the rest of the weld. This is OK. With the linear inches of weld around the tube, and it's triangulation within the roll cage structure, there's no chance it will come apart. Sometimes changing gun angles at the end of the weld will help this.