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What is the best way to break in the 350 Pipe Pro with the Mitsubishi engine?

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    of course the engine is still going to run. the question is is how far away from its best is it running? its going to run if you idle a new engine for 30 hours under no load and glaze it over. it will run if you hold the same load for 30 hours as well. do as the engineers tell you do in your owners manual.


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      It's kinda like a semi with a 18 spd 550 Cat pulling a 53' trailer with light loads for a couple of years since brand new traveling hills and mountains

      Then getting to pull a Super "B" with a max load of flat steel.

      It'll take all the gears just to make it up to the top of a hill and the stacks will be pouring the smoke.

      However, that same semi, if loaded from day one pulling steel, will be up and over that hill and only drop a couple of gears, with little to no smoke.

      Only analogy I can think of cause I've been there....
      Same kinda thing with your diesel welder
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