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using Miller 225NT for house generator

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  • using Miller 225NT for house generator

    i am considering using the Miller 225NT for a back-up generator for my house. i looked at the specs, but i dont understand the curve listed 100%. i know that the Lincoln Ranger8 puts out 8000watts at 220, but only 4000 at 120v. looking at the Miller i believe it puts out 9000 at either 220 or 120. i hope this is the case.
    is there any negative to running this for a house generator?
    could i use the 120 and 220 outlets at the same time? ( to run the a/c)

    thank you

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    I am not familiar with either generator but in general I would suspect that the Lincoln is putting out 4k watts @ 120v on each leg of the 220v if the total output is 8kw. As a backup I don't see why you shouldn't be able to power some of your household appliances in a power failure. I would suggest though that you should determine if the load will be balanced. The 9k watts from your Miller is also 4500 on each leg of the 220v. Running unbalanced at or near full load is probably not real good.
    Other considerations is an expensive back-up generator but if it is only occasional and you have a use/need a portable welding source it is a viable option and a good way to sell the wife on it.
    It is not a nuclear reactor and cannot supply unlimited amounts of power(so check how much your demand will actually be or shut some stuff off first and calculate your load. Give yourself a healthy safety margin.)
    I assume you will either have an approved disconnect (that you cannot forget)that positively prevents you from back feeding the power line(house transformers transform up in reverse) or you will plug appliances directly into the generator.
    Happy generating!


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      The Miller is rated at 100% duty cycle.... so in theory, you could be running a 9500 watt load until she runs out of gas with no problems.

      As for cost, a 225NT hasn't been made for several years (I have one) so cost of obtaining one should be well under the cost of buying a new 10k watt generac, kohler or honda generator, plus you gain the ability of a pretty good stick welder.

      Yes, you can run all outlets at the same time, however, unless you're just running extension cords to your appliances; a transfer switch is mandatory. You don't want to be killing lineworkers trying to restore power.
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        i definately will add a transfer switch.
        i currently own a MM251 and i am in need of a house generator, so i was going to upgrade to this welder and add a mig controll box onto it( that i already have). this way i have a mig/stick welder and i can power the house with this unit also. instead of just purchasing a house generator that will be in use minimally.
        plus EVERYBODY know that it is much more self satisfying to say "i have a welder that can power the house" VS " i have a welder and a generator on the house"

        i just need to check my house demand.


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          Are you getting rid of the MM251?

          Why the Mig controller for the NT ?


          You can probably find stuff cheaper but their Manual Transfer switches seem pretty reasonable

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            We have a 225NT on the truck and use it to power the house whenever we have a power outage. The water heater, heat pumps, and the electric range don't run off the NT, but pretty much everything else does, including the refrigerators and the well pump. We cook on the gas BBQ and heat the house with the fireplaces, but pretty much everything else in the house is powered from the NT. During the outage we like to turn on every light, both inside and outside of the house, to irritate the neighbors.

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