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    I'm a whiz on structure welds. Trained well and have been told I'm a natural, in other words... I get it. Wanting to get into pipe and all I need is practice to get the technique.I plan on joining pipe or boilmaker union soooo Should I take a long program and training to raise my "worth" as a pipefitter/welder? If so will that really help when starting out as a first year. I'm clueless and really want to do things smart and rewarding.

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    it will take some time to get good at pipe. take as much training in pipe welding as possible.
    at first when you finnish a pipe welding course ,you may not weld pipe . this seems strange ,but to become a good pipe welder ,you will have to wait untill,your ready.
    the boiler makers did not get to be so great at what they do ,by saying ,yes i'm ready i took a course.
    i hope your a better driver today than when you first stared to dive a car?
    it's not a quick fix. to get ready to be among the best it will take time. so give it ,just that,,,time.
    if your lucky,and work hard you will be one of them . it's up to you.


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      Hay bud
      glad to see you going union, Im a 2nd year apprentice at UA (pipefitter) 72 in ATL GA. I just took and passed my tig root hot pass 7018 out and i have a 6010 7018 cert to. The UA 72 has one of the hardest hall in the country as far as getting a welding cert. top 3 in the country, these certs are nuke certs by the nuclear power house code but anyway If you decide to go union in 72 you will be one of the best welder or fitters in the world and as an apprentice welder i make 80% of journeyman scale so i make just as much as most non union guys and im only 20 and Ive still got a 8$ raise when i turn out. oh and you have accesses to a top of the line welding shop. this shop rivals Hobart and Tulsa or when Lincolns school.


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        spend the money

        pay for a good pipe welding class learn cs/ss pipe and go out on your own , or union fee's ,crap jobs and out of work for 6 months of the year.