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mig welding aluminized exhaust pipe

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    Originally posted by sickchoppers View Post
    wife wants me to finish the edges around her fire pit with fat round pipe...i bought exhaust pipe from jegs today it states its aluminized...that can be mig welded right?....

    I'd like to know more about that fire pit you are building. Wife wants me to build one as well.


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      hi ed roz moving to fla cant wait to finally meet you!
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        Originally posted by sickchoppers View Post
        what u need rock

        Thanks for the reply. I looked at your website and got a look at the pit. Looks good. I was thinking that you might have a burner in it for LPG or Natural Gas, was wondering how you designed that. From the photos it looks like you burn wood, which is much better, but I'm too lazy for that.

        I have also wondered about welding aluminized pipe. It appears that it is easy enough to weld. But seems to me to be kind of a joke. If I had an exhaust system put on my car or truck, they would no doubt weld the joints. Of course that would burn off the "Aluminiized" coating and leave a perfect place for rust to start.

        I'm sure it will work fine for your project, from the looks of things you will be coating it with paint, chrome, powder, something cool.



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          Boat exhaust

          We have been fabricating exhaust systems for diesel engines used in the gillnet fishing fleet in Alaska for many years...most are made using aluminized tubing and elbows....we use 14 or 16 ga tube and mig with E70S6 wire.The aluminized coating burns off in the weld area during welding, but just adds a mild hiss to the sound. No flare and smoke like galvanized...We paint the weld area with a high heat paint after welding..These exhaust systems are insulated after installation to keep the heat inside the pipes and out of the engine room and to keep the noise down so you can't see the piping, just the insulation.
          I would not really recommend aluminized tube for chopper exhaust even if you could get the system aluminized after fabrication...The coating tends to get dull after a while and it will discolor and even burn off in hot spots like the first turn out of the cyl head or in my opinion it would not look good after a year or so on the bike..If you are going to wrap the chopper pipes like I see many builders do...then you wouldn't see the discoloration....I am going to fab the pipes for my bike out of SS tube and leave them in an as welded condition..(TIG) I may wrap them at some point..
          As a side note, I have exhaust systems made from 4 inch aluminized 16 ga tubing on diesel engines used in a salt water fishery that are still in use after 10 years....Plain mild steel tubing never lasted that long... Good luck...