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millermatic 250x problems

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  • millermatic 250x problems

    I have a millermatic 250x mig welder I purchased several years back, new. Having problems with the output voltage suddenly raising very high while welding.. normally have it set around 19-20v but spikes really high causing a huge arc.. I voltmeter tested the output of +26v with load (arc) and higher without a load. Any idea what might be the problem? One minute it will work fine and the next it acts stupid.. any help will be appreciated..


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    Hello John

    Did you figure what was the problem with your millermatic250x?
    I think I have the same problem with my millermatic250x.


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      Gun liner is likely clogged, so the wire is running at rated or slower then shooting foreword, thus more amperage...


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        I finally got my welder fixed, it was the circuit board.

        the problem I had, was the voltage was cranked all the way up and it wouldn't turn down, even if I'd turn it down, it would still weld on max.
        so, I gave up and brought in to get it checked out, and they told me it was the circuit board, so, they order a new one for $556, and got my welder up and running perfect.


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          Dang that's expensive. Cheaper than a new machine though I suppose.