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Looking for Welders/Central Ca.

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  • Looking for Welders/Central Ca.

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    Originally posted by GeeMfg View Post
    What kind of welders are you looking for? MIG? TIG? Stick? O/A? There are a lot of them for sale around here and there. Or did you maybe mean "weldors", as in people that can weld?
    Don J
    Reno, NV

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      Lots of places are looking for weldors around my area too but most can't pass the drug tests. There was an article in todays paper that says over the next few months a place will be hiring, now is the time to "clean up" before you apply. Sad...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        give some more info.

        What process or type of welding (.068" fluxcore?)
        Many places in central/northern california start at about $11 an hour (with some experince) and go to $15 after 4 or 5 years. There aren't a shortage of weldors. There is a shortage of quality workers that can live on the pitiful wages when apartments are $800-$1200 a month for a 2 bedroom and healthcare is $200-$400 out of the paycheck.
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          Their website is pretty impressive if they are really looking for weldors and not trolling for free advertising...Bob
          Bob Wright