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Anyone Compare Titanium™ 9400i vs Digital Elite?

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  • Anyone Compare Titanium™ 9400i vs Digital Elite?

    as stated anyone have experience with both if so which is better
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    Auto On

    The Digital Elite is not auto on, where as the 9400i is auto on.
    There is a lot to be said about auto on. If it saves your eyes once, it is well worth it.
    All of my auto hoods are manual on and off, I hate to have to stop take off the hood, take off a glove and turn the hood back on.
    My next hood will be the 9400 or the 9400i.
    Good Luck,
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      I happen to have both and from personal experience the titanium hood is superior, nothing wrong with the digital elite but my 9400i surpassed my expectations, main problem I had with the digital elite was when u didn't use it for an hour or two and it went into sleep mode and I'd forget to turn it back on, I'd get flash burn, not a concern with the titanium hood


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        Originally posted by Bob Miller View Post
        I hate to have to stop take off the hood, take off a glove and turn the hood back on.Bob
        Try what I do, stab the control panel with a welding rod, works great!

        As for the original question, one thing I like about my DE is the consumables are easily available, a big plus in my book.
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          New and improved 9400i?

          I am looking to get the Titanium 9400i Digital Auto Dark Lens 256177. I guess there is a new and revised version? I wanted to hear from more people who have tried out this helmet and what other similar option (other brands maybe) are out there.

          I was wondering how people like the flip up for grinding?



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            I was going to get a digital elite, but even my instructor who did some videos for miller said he had been flashed a few times because forgot to turn on!

            None of that for me. I picked up an auto darkening solar powered and don't even have to think if it is on. Just give a little bit of sun now and then.
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