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  • Suggestios for anti fog

    So I wear glasses and usually have no fog issues under my hood I am taking a tig class and were required to wear safety glasses under our hood now I am getting constant fog issues even using a anti fog solution on my lenses any suggestions
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    You are wearing safety glasses over your prescription glasses?


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      can't think of a cheap suggestion.....

      Stacking 2 pairs of glasses , most of the time bring fog, may be some safety glasses with prescription as discussed here lately in "cheater lenses or reading glasses " post.

      If you have a sophisticated prescription, you will end up at your optician...$$$ they make safety glasses with prescription .

      or get a vented mask...$$$ or may be a cheap fan right behind you in your booth if they allow that.
      Possibly other guys here willo come with something better... just trying to initiate the "brainstorming" with not so good suggestions. i will be looking for the golden solution we might get here since aging is taking me there too.


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        Well went to the eye dr this after noon and left with a pair of prescription safety glasses. Whats funny the eye doctor said the lenses in my old glasses are the same used in the safety glasses anyway so I probably could of got away with some side shields to clip on existing. Oh well apparently it was time for a little different prescription any way. Made a huge difference....
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          Suggestios for anti fog

          Had LASIK done 5 years ago, don't miss the prescription glasses one bit. Your eyes are one of the most important tools you can have.


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            The CoolBand keeps the air moving inside your helmet, there for no fog.
            Good Luck,
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              Learned this a long time ago in Alaska....Rub a bag of Bull Durham (The smoking tobacco)...on your lenses to keep them from fogging...Worked for me while working on those foggy days along the Bering Sea...


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                a few other tricks, rub them with baby shampoo,or if there glass lenses scrub them with toothpaste and tooth brush before putting anti fog on.
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                  Try this take a deep breath exhale downwards 3 or 4 times while the lenses are fogging during welding you will see fog dissipate downwards you will have to do it again during welding ...Being this trick for 40 yrs and still works.
                  tried out everything in the market this is the cheapest """


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                    back when i was working on supply boats the windows would fog up pretty bad so the captain told me to go wipe them down with windex and after i wipe them down spray a coat of it on there and just let it dry . it worked for the windows but i never tried it on welding lenses. might be something to try.


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                      Divers use spit.

                      I tried it and it works on glasses etc. I always wear a clean T-shirt and when I need to clean a lens I just spit (gently) on the lens and rub it against the cotton shirt.

                      Good for motorcycle face shields too.