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  • Millermatic Reach Question

    Hey everyone, I had a quick question to see if anybody knows much about the Millermatic Reach wire feeder. Mine was delivered yesterday, and I immediately started testing it out. I have a MM251 as my power source. I hooked everything up, and it welds great. The wire speed dial goes from 10-100 on the Reach. When you turn it, the wire speed digital readout on the MM251 changes like it's supposed to. On the stand alone MM251, let's say I use 360 wire speed, at 19.5 volts. When I utilize the Reach, in order to get about the same results (wire speed/voltage), I leave the 19.5 volts up on the MM251, and adjust the Reach knob till it shows about 265 on the MM251, (about 40 on the Reach dial). I thought it would show the same number in the digital readout as the stand alone MM251 readings.... I'm guessing the 10-100 on the Reach is just a percentage type dial, I don't know.
    All I know is that if you dial it up to the same number on the wire speed as the stand alone MM251, it's way fast too high... any answers might help. Thanks
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    I used a few of them over the years...Bob
    Bob Wright