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What band saw blade do you use?

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  • What band saw blade do you use?

    I haven't seen this topic addressed directly so I'll throw it up here, hope I'm not repeating something. I just picked up a used Jet horizontal/vertical band saw, the 7 x 12 model and I need to get a set of blades for metal work on it. What type/manufacturer gets high reviews from the welding community? What source of supply do you use? Is bi-metal worth the extra cost (I'm thinking yes, but I'd like to hear opinions)? This saw has the coolant pump and I plan to use it, what type of coolant do you use? Lenox Band Ade is one I've seen mentioned, but this stuff seems awfully expensive for something that probably tastes terrible. And just as a matter of curiosity, how are band saw blades welded? I've heard that some shops that go through a lot of blades get a 100' roll and weld their own, just how is that done? It would be nice to be able to repair one if it ever snapped cleanly. Thanks for the help and advice, looking forward to not cutting my fingers off.

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    Some larger band saws have blade welders built into them or you can buy a stand alone blade welder but I have a feeling you will be shocked at the price.Bands are normally welded by resistance,annealed and then ground smooth.
    I made a jig to TIG weld bands and anneal with a Turbotorch and then grind by works but is worth the 3.00 to have the blades welded when the sharpening shop makes my blade for me.
    Bimetal is all I use and I do not know the brand.


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      i just bought a 4 horsepower grizzy wood bandsaw i used metal blades 28 tooth in it...its faster for sheetmetal etc...alot of guys used wood bandsaw for steel you have to use the right blade works alot better for cutting up to 1/4 inch i use mine for sheetmetal works great much faster


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        It depends on what metal, how thick, and how hard you are cutting. We cut a lot of gray iron and ductile iron and some aluminum. Thickness ranges from 1/16" to several inches thick. We cut almost everything dry and yes it should be lubricated. We use a blade with every other inch alternating the number of teeth for iron and skip tooth blades for aluminum. We purchase them from the local(70 miles away) Doall dealer. Their sales staff was helpful in recommending a good blade.



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          Joining Saw blade

          I neglected to mention, we have been silver soldering band saw blades with oxy/acetelyne for over 50 years. Grind the blade for a lap joint, align in a jig,solder with handy flux and grind to thickness.


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            I bought my jet spur of the moment at a swap meet and after getting it home and putting it together(it was bran new for dirt cheap, never even assembled) I noticed it has a lock, to lock it in the upright position so you can use it for a vertical saw as well, for cutting patterns and such. Check if your saw has that option on it. Great feature!


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              I have a similar 7 x 12 bandsaw which has served me quite well for many years.

              After spending a lot for bandsaw blades, I decided to try welding up my own from coil stock.

              I make some sculptures using 6-4 and CP titanium so I needed a blade which would cut and last.

              Bought a 275 ft coil of Kennametal Aggressor MTX II blade which is 3/4" wide x .035" thick.
              Since most of my stock is plate and bars, I picked a coil with 3-4 teeth per inch.

              I made a fixture to hold the ends together and tig it together.
              Quick heat to dull red with a propane torch to anneal the weld and sand smooth.

              Works well on my titanium stock and goes through stainless and carbon steel even quicker.
              I run the blade at the slowest speed on my saw which is about 125 ft/min and use Kool Mist formula 77 using a spray bottle.

              I figure my cost per blade (93" long) is about $4.00.
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                buy em

                Sandbert ,find a place that is convenient for you to walk in and do business with i looked on the internet and after you ad in shipping cost the price was about the same . i have a vertical band saw and i have a place about a mile from my house that will make them and guarantee the weld not to break . i use a bi metal staggered tooth 10/14 variable pitch blade it's 93"long x 3/8"wide for $41.00 made from good Lennox blade stock and worth every penny and buy 2 of em good blades make all the difference in the world. you will probably want a 3/4" wide for horizontal use and yes use coolant. regardless of what anyone says or what you pay for it ALL coolant will get nasty at some time so be prepared to change it every so often. take it from 20plus year machinist i haven't seen any that's worth a s**t yet . good luck ..Chris


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                  Thanks for the advice and info, folks. I'm definitely not ready to start welding my own blades, but when one wears out I'll cut it up and try some practice. I'd like to find a local supplier but I live about 25 miles from the closest one and I'm not even sure they're open on a Saturday, which as a hobbyist is my only chance to get to them. But I'll find out.


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                    I run my junkie Kalamazoo horizontal bandsaw with lenox pre-welded bladed and when the operator knows what there doing the blades last a good time and all i cut is tool steel all day.
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                      Be careful with those fingers! Stay awake and alert! I heard many stories of being hypnotized by a band saw.
                      Definitely, bi-metal blades are worth the extra cost. It lasts longer as compared to other types of blades. So far, I am satisfied with my bi-metal blade purchase from They have long blade life at economical cost.


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                        A favorite of mine. Bi-metal blades are ideal for both steel and woods. No need to buy another blade for woods.


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                          I have read an article at LA Times talking about Sawstop technology, a panted discovery by a law maker and at the same time a doctor in physics. The running blade stops instantly when a human skin touches the blade. Incredible, isn’t it? It should be one of the best safety-first programs installed in every machine that uses blades. But I guess issues are chasing on the discoverer’s motive in passing a bill on this discovery. Just sharing some info on how to save your fingers!


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                            i buy Simonds brand blades my saw uses 82x3/4 and they cost me around 30 bucks a blade... call em up, they have em ready in about an hour... as mentioned earlier, if you let the blade do what its sposed to, proper down feed and all, the blades will last a long time, you start getting goofy and they ruin quick... ive tried lennox and some from grizzly, but i stick with simonds, they seem to give the best finish cut...

                            nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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                              Originally posted by Fishinbo View Post
                              Be careful with those fingers! Stay awake and alert! I heard many stories of being hypnotized by a band saw.
                              Definitely, bi-metal blades are worth the extra cost. It lasts longer as compared to other types of blades. So far, I am satisfied with my bi-metal blade purchase from They have long blade life at economical cost.
                              I want to purchase bi-metal blades from How fast do you think they ship their blades?