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Old tanks for shooting gongs?

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  • Old tanks for shooting gongs?

    I've got a couple of old tanks lying around that won't pass hydro....I've been thinking about taking the valves off, filling them with water to clean them out real good and then sawing them into suitable sizes for use as shooting gongs out at maybe 200 or 300 yards. Has anyone ever used old tanks for that? How'd it work out? Are they too soft or brittle or OK for gongs? I'm thinking about using some kind of a chain suspension system for them....has anyone made any sort of a suspension system that worked well for something like this that might be better than a couple of old chunks of chain and some kind of a support frame? Thanks!
    Don J
    Reno, NV

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    Well they are made from 4130 or chrome molly don't know if i would shoot one. I would rather shoot a flat plate and save the tanks for big gongs. Just my thought...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Inert gas or oxygen will be clean, just ensure cylinders are empty by venting them.

      A horizontal band saw goes through them neatly. I just chopped one and gave it to a bud to make a bowling ball mortar.


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        Made great bells out of them different sizes differnt sounds, but I don't think i'd want to shoot one just because you don't know where that bullet is going to deflect to if you don't hit it dead on center.