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  • Ready to buy a new welder

    Just when I was about to pull the trigger on the Ironman 230...

    Would I be better off going with the Millermatic 212 or the PowerMig 216? LWS carries both and services them as well. Mainly wonder about the internals of the Ironman. Can be had for ~200 cheaper.

    I will be mainly welding 1/4" and smaller. I do have a couple of welds to do that are 1/2".


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    I have a 4 year old Millermatic 212 , wish I had got the 252, you can get better spool guns for it. My 212 works fine on 1/2" steel.


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      Would have you considered the Ironman 230 if it was available when you bought your welder?

      What are the reasons you wish you had gone with the 252?


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        I like miller and all the weld stors in my area have miller parts in stock. I dont care for the spool mate 200 the 212 came with would rather have the 30A that you get with the 252. +the 252 is rated up to 1/2" not 3/8" like the 212, I took my aws mig test on an older version of the 212 and had no problem. I have had no problems with my 212 on steel but dont like the spool gun they matched it up with. $800 more would have been well spent. Got the 212 and a bobcat 250 4 years ago when I started my busness, didnt have the extra coin.


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          I'm thinking the ironman 230 is a whole lot more machine.
          Go over to the Hobart site and there is a whole bunch on it.
          I wouldn't mind owning one myself. Super value

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            Check out the Hobart board.

            Poster on there, Dan, has the 230 and is very high on it.
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