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    I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with the Eastwood Mig welders any info is appreciated
    Thanks, Ernie

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    Here are some product reviews on this machine.


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      Why waste money on cheap equipment?
      Buying a piece of equipment or tool should be a "lifetime purchase" If it woun't last me my lifetime, I have no interest in it. I would rather buy a 30 year old miller than a new piece of crap.

      I always say " I'm too poor to buy cheap"


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        They look alright and the price is good


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          Originally posted by EM Fab View Post
          They look alright and the price is good
          Lots of things look alright at first Who has parts if something breaks down? How much are tips and nozzles compared to the better brands that are easier to find? You start ordering tips and throw in some shipping everytime that gets pricey. Just my thoughts from a guy who has had migs for 34 years...Bob
          Bob Wright


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            isnt this supposed to be Miller forum?
            so coming here getting advise from people who use the best welders in the countryfor other company product aint sound right to me.
            however, get yourself good welder if you want to do decent job or dont even bother, btw eastwood is not making anything beside putting their stickers on other companys products mostly made in china.
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              Do they have the trigger activated arc? Or are they like the Harbor Freight migs with live wire and only trigger wire feed. Being pricing is about the same, I am suspicious.

              The spoolgun on the big one does not have any softstart, and mention of burnback to the nozzle with alum was on one review. Only way he controled the arc was lots of stickout, gas, and hot spray. Otherwise I like the idea of spoolgun included.

              You would be better served by the sister company to Miller. The Hobart Handler 190 with included spoolgun is made in USA on the same assembly line as Miller I hear, and has a 5 year warranty. Many service centers around the county can provide warranty service without having to send halfway across the country on your nickel.
              Northern Hydraulics offers these for $850 with free shipping.

              5 year warranty, Made in your own country for $850, free shipping and local service centers. No brainer for me.
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              Nothing welded, Nothing gained

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                Some helpful info on the MIG175's on the weldingweb forums.



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                  Would probably refer to this thread by the same poster on a paralell course..



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                  Buy the best tools you can afford.. Learn to use them to the best of your ability.. and take care of them...

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                    Originally posted by H80N View Post
                    Would probably refer to this thread by the same poster on a paralell course..


                    I did see that thread, but the difference is that the thread I linked actually has some detailed tech info and users came back that used the machines to report their experience. The one above doesn't give much insight other than opinionated answers. Just thought it'd be helpful!