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auto darkening vs fixed shade

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  • auto darkening vs fixed shade

    I have a miller mp10 and it works good but i wanted to know if the auto darkening helmets are better? Ive heard that they damage your eyes so im not sure if i want an auto darkening but any advice would help
    Thanks, Ernie

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    I have an older Morsafe AD that I like. My problem was that I needed something that I could see where I was striking the arc. After the arc starts, I guess either kind would work about the same. Harbor Freight has the Blue Flame AD for $50 or less that gets pretty good reviews if you wanted to try one without spending a lot. I don't weld enough to really know the long term effect on the eyes.
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      Ive had a harbor freight one and it was a bit heavy and yea that is a problem i have sometimes its too dark to see where you strike the arc thats why i was wondering if i should get a miller auto darkening


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        Better i don't know about that. I use one most of the time at work but i have used my flip up for 34 years. But my autodark is lighter for sure and thats a plus. The autodark prob is faster for tacking because you can see to move on...Bob
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          i have been welding for the most part of 40 years and im not one of these guys that goes out and buys every new thing that comes along,recently, i just bought my first auto hood from miller, since then i have kicked my self in the butt on many occaisions for not doing it sooner, the quality of my work has improved, it takes less time to complete a weldment, and thats on gravy table work, it really pays for itself when i get under a trailer or piece of heavy equipment to repair, my neck dosent get all cramped up as with the conventional hood. forget the cheapy hood, go get a brand name, i am very happy with my miller hood. kevin


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            go with the auto...

            for the last 16 years i am with auto and not an expensive one ( a jackson the same since 1996)...hopefully i will never ever have to go bak to fixed...

            it is like switching from bicycle to a car... faster,more accurate and less effort .etc...


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              Does anyone know about the auto darkening causing eye damage?


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                I have and use both.... I use my autodark if I'm doing something that requires lots of welds with short arc times and repositioning.... like bar joists/bracing and burning down decks.... I tend to use my fixed for things with long arc times and little repositioning.... like CJP's in structural members...

                As far as eye injury with auto darks.... I think you'll only see that with cheaper/older autodarks with few arc sensors and slow to very slow switching times.
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                  I asked my eye doctor about eye damage and he said that the main damage comes from the UV not the light, though light can damage too if very intense. So in this way I have found the auto-darkening type to be better since I can keep it down most of the time to minimize a mistake in starting an arc with out any sheilding (which is the worst thing you can do) + if you set the shade properly it minimizes the light too. Not sure how bad it is to get the shade setting wrong but the doctor clearly said the UV was the main danger to the eyes. I have a Jackson Boss which they say has the fastest darkening time on the market. You can also set it for grinding and torch work so you don't have to keep changing to different eye protection, just keep one hood on all the time. After getting this I cannot believe how I ever did a decent weld without it since the visibility is so much better than the old fixed shade type. Hope this helps.
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