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    Of all the different Millers we've owned over the years the door charts have always been a little on the high side, always thought it may be a liability issue. A good weldor doesn't need charts or digital meters to dial in a machine.
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      I would think that a 'good welder" would be the first man (or woman) to look at the charts when first dealing with an unfamiliar machine. Those of us who are not clairvoyant tend to use them for at least initial settings, and then fine-tune from there.

      From a marketing standpoint its probably a good idea to have them burn a bit on the hot side. No new owner will ever be displeased to discover that their shiny new blue is more powerful than they expected and when they reach over and turn that dial down it does a lot more to assure themselves that they chose wisely than if they have to turn it up to get the job done.