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Current doesn't shut off immediately after coming off the pedal

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  • Current doesn't shut off immediately after coming off the pedal

    I'm working with a Synchrowave 250 doing plain steel. The two work pieces are set up in a jig on the bench, and there's a footpedal for control. Overall everything seems to be fine, welds come out good and all that. However, when I finish a bead and let up off the pedal the current doesn't completely shut off immediately. It drops way down until it's barely on, but you can still see it's obviously flowing. After anywhere from one or two seconds to maybe six it finally stops. Post flow gas runs just fine.

    Is this a problem with the switch in the foot pedal? It does look old. I'm using the shop's gear, so I don't know what kind of pedal it is except it has Miller on it and it's a big metal box with vents in the sides. I haven't used a Synchrowave 250 and wondered if maybe there was some control that needed to be adjusted on the machine to keep it from doing this. Thanks for any thoughts you can give me.

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    turn off your crater control


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      If you could point me in the right direction on that control I'd appreciate it. I haven't used one of these machines before, and I only got on quick pass over the controls the day I started working with it. Is that how it's marked on the machine with those words, or do they call it something else?


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        Hmmmm, can't guess on the serial#, sooo on your front panel, there should be a dial that says "crater" turn it off


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          Thanks, man. Next Monday when I go in I'll make sure to take a good look at the rest of the control layout in case the problem continues so I'll have more info. Hope it's that easy!


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            Thanks, cruizer. Went in to work last night, flipped the Crater Control switch to "off" and all was good. The day guy appreciated knowing about that as well. Made finishing up the bead a lot easier.