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  • Wireless Foot Pedal

    I am looking to buy a Dynasty 200DX and I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has had any problems with a wireless foot pedal or would recomend against getting one. Also, what is the range of the wireless pedal from the machine?



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    MILLER Accessories : click here , answers inside. Kind of expensive to me.


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      Kinda pricy and doesn't seem to make things much easier. I'm planning on buying one the day they come out with the wireless tig torch and work lead. I will buy that whole package.


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        I bought one when thet first came out.
        Yes, a bit expensive but I got over that quickly.
        The pedal is very easy to move around and no cable to trip over or untangle when you do have to move it.
        Also, if you weld in a confined space it is even more worth having in my view.
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          Works great. Cheaper to get in a package deal. I think the range is about 90' and works with all 14 pin remote setups


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            There is a company that has a few selling them online from 450-525 NIB.


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     has wireless on DX 200 for $385 more w/wireless on runner package, $450 is a good price, I think they go for about $700. IDK it's nice to have a wired backup for when the battery powered wireless don't work


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                Where are these pedals for $450???

                Cyber weld wants $600+.

                the Best price I can find is $550.

                Its crazy the wide range in pricing on these.

                Is SSC ever going to make one?


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                  Wireless pedal

                  We have two of these for over a year, so far no problems and the guys like them.


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                    I bought one for my older 250 Syncrowave to replace the pedal that went out on that machine. It ended up not working. I swapped pedals with a newer (2008ish) 250 and it works fine. I really injoy not having it wired, less clutter and easyer to deal with whe working on large projects where i have to move around the table. I originally thouth that the responce time was slower, but now I cant tell the diffrence.