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    So after 15 years in the industry I have found myself having problems with a process of welding those I work with make look so simple. I have worked with a multitude of exotics...everything from Aluminum to titanium. I have done stainless sanitary work and learned how to weld in a variety of precariously deviant out of position processes. I have had to weld components into square using heat in just the right places....But I have seemingly met my match in roll upon roll of Select Arc's maddening to say the least...
    My background is in custom Fabrication, and as I said before I have worked with mostly exotic alloys. My current job is pushing me into a part of the field I have the least experience with, dual shield! Now I have been told that my welds are immaculate by more than one person in the past....give me a TIG torch, and I can make welds look like a stack of dimes knocked on end all day long, in any size or thickness....and in any alloy. Give me a cobra head or a spool gun and I'll run miles of aluminum with seamless transitions and minimal warpage. but I cannot seem to get the hang of the dual shield world.
    I realize I am turning this post into a novel, so I will cut to the quick...I am welding on a Miller delta wave 452, using Select arc (select 720) .045'' wire and Co2 shielding gas. the thinnest metal I have welded on thus far is 1/4''...the problem isn't that I am not getting adequate penetration,undercutting, or even porosity. My problem is that I can't seem to get a smooth bead over a 2' flat weld....unless its a fillet. Ironically my up-hand is the smoothest of all the processes I am faced with in a days work. I don't know if I am just used to running pulse MIG or if I got spoiled with TIG....but I am losing my patience and if I can't get smoothed out my job will be next...please, if anyone can give me some pointers, advice or pass on some would be greatly appreciated! Does anyone know the sweet spot with this process? Is it possible to get the machine set into the range of spray with Co2 or is running mix gas the only way to spray with this wire? Thanks-Travis
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    That Delta Weld 452 should make pefect welds. I ran the same set up for a long time except with different name wire. Got any pics you can show?...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Hey Bob, thanks for the reply. I don't have any pics as of yet, but I will get some on monday and post tham. I don't think its the welder, but more the weldor in this case. I am really fighting habits learned from running pulse MIG and working with aluminum. My welds aren't horrible per say...they are just not what my employer would like to see. I am used to a coined bead, where as they are looking for a smooth layed in bead. I try to emulate what my supervisor does, but I have a really hard time controlling my heat unless I am oscilating or weaving. He runs into the seam at a 90 for 2 feet with little to no inconsitencies...I try it and I get a globby looking weld, or I get undercutting, just depends on how fast I am moving and what wire spead I am running.