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    I bought the last LS 17

    About two months ago, I was attempting to buy a 17 series Weldcraft Legacy torch with hand control from the Internet. Several of the better known retailers had the torch displayed on their site but when I placed an order, the torch was not in inventory and no such torches would be available at a later date.

    I finally began calling in search of the torch and was told by Baker, I believe, that the torches hadn't been removed from the website but that Weldcraft had directed that all remaining inventory of Legacy torches be returned to Weldcraft as they no longer supported the line and they had packed up 14 torches and returned them a couple of weeks prior.

    I later found one torch available through Amazon from WeldFaboulus and managed to purchase it before Weldcraft recovered it.

    I perhaps pushed a little harder than usual as I have had a knee replacement and sometimes have trouble with the foot control when welding for long periods.

    Maybe this will help clear up what actually happened. I was told the same thing by several sale houses and have very little doubt that this is actually what happened.

    I have seen a number of replacement switches for sale on eBay and due to Weldcraft's loyal support for their product, I now have a spare switch on hand which I obtained from someone who failed to follow Weldcraft's directive.


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      Apology to Baker

      After the above post, I ran a google search on Weldcraft LS-1725R and lo and behold, Baker has one listed on sale for $139.00. (

      Obviously, It was not Baker who told me their remaining inventory had been shipped back to WeldCraft. I have recently purchase a couple of hundred dollars in merchandise from them and was very satisfied with both prices and service.

      I'm through calling names, but I stand by my statement that I was told that WeldCraft instructed one of the well known welding supply houses to return remaining inventory.


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        I had the same problem when I bought the Mulitmatic 200. I originally got the welder & tig torch from Baker's. The torch was also $139. They called me the next day and said that they had made a mistake on the torch and that it wasn't available. That's why I purchased it from Cyberweld. I was a little disappointed at first, but glad I found the torch. I actually found the torch a little difficult to use so I wound up getting a foot pedal anyway.


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          Hmmm, I've got the LS-17 with my Diversion 165. I bought an aftermarket foot pedal since it seemed easier to learn with.

          Should I be buying a WP series torch, say a WP-17?, and store the LS-17 safely away until I'm smart enough to use the thumbwheel?
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            I don't know but I'm finding it much easier with the foot pedal. I just can't get the hang of the wheel...