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  • Trailblazer 301G value

    Hello, I am interested in purchasing a 2001 Trailblazer 301G a local guy is selling. The machine visually is in good condition and it has only 205 hours. Does anyone know what a current value is or should be around. I feel his asking price of $2500 is a little high. Again, this machine works & looks pretty good not mint though . Thanks for any input

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    I bought a brand new 302 for $3500.00 this summer. I'd offer 1500.00 maybe 2000.00 if its nice and has some leads with it. But thats not a bad price, especially if you have the 2500 but not the 3500!


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      all depends on market conditions, though personally I never pay over $2K for a engine driven welder in perfect operating condition.

      For a 11 year old machine with 200 hrs I'd be wary, as hour meters can be changed, and the 301 was not a particularly good machine to begin with. If everything was legit, no more than $1700
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        Cruzer, do you have 300 vantage for sale ?


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          A buddy has a 2006 for $6800, but really for another $3K get a new one. now that said, you can buy 2 305G's, as your going to be in 300 amp Pipemode all the time anyways.

          Easy on the truck springs, easy on your wallet, no positive air required. and supplied camps carry Gasoline, as well as, Diesel.

          Super tuned and maintained by me, these machines will push 3/16 and 1/4" all day for 10K plus hours
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            Cruizer, correct me if ime wrong but isnt the vantage putting 32 volts out and the ranger 29 volts,because i can see and feel the difference in the arc when using 5P plus and 7018 your thoughts please. (this is in the pipe mode)
            Can you supply the phone # of your buddy with the Vantage for sale.
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              Nope the 29V at 300 is Lincolns "plus" rating and thats on all Vantage and Ranger. The 32V @ 300 is merely the Standard NEMA rating

              You may be "feeling" a difference if the Ranger's engine is not set to spec, which appears to be common with the rigs comming in for service.


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                Cruizer, how can i contact you to book my ranger in for service,it has 4300hrs on it and it is quite possible that the engine specs are low. or is it something i can do myself ? P.S. its a 2006
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