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Homeme tool cart, what is it worth??

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  • Homeme tool cart, what is it worth??

    Tool cart i built in a shop class, wondering what anyone thinks its worth. Entire frame is 1/8" angle iron with 14 gauge sheeting around the bottom cabinet and laying in the top and middle sections. Truck bed liner spray in the top shelf, rest of cart is normal black spray paint. On the far end of the cart is a custom shelf for a small 3 drawer craftsman tool box that i did not have when i took the picture.
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    Very nice work, as for what its worth, thats easy priceless! You made it with your own 2 hands right? It appears like it would work very well so keep up the good work!!


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      very nice, clean design...I like it....not sure how to put a price tag on it though...


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        Cost of the material used plus the cost of your time. Thats the easiest way to figure a price. nice cart!

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