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350p and silicon bronze wire

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  • 350p and silicon bronze wire

    I have a miller 350p that I love. As a metal artist I would love to run some silicon bronze wire through it in pulse mode, but mine (4 years old) has no bronze wire program. Has anyone had any luck running bronze wire through this unit on pulse mode? Can I use one of the other programs with good results??

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    Why dont you e-mail Miller?

    They probably have a software update that will give you one.

    Anyhow, my Kemppi MIG has a CuSi program that i used when i first got my wire to do a quick test. When i set up for it properly, i ended up using the MIG function and adusting manualy.

    Oh, and it will run on pulse mode. Ive tried that too.
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      Never used a pulse machine but it runs just fine in my MM185...Bob
      Bob Wright