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  • 240 volt plug

    i have a bobcat 225 the 240 volt rec is four wire. im hooking up my plasma cutter 240 volt the plug is 3 wire do i just not hook up the ground or is there a converter thanks

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    Ya got 3 slots on the receptacle, outer 2 is what you want to use, bottom terminal is your electrical chassis ground.


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      Miller sells the adapter cord

      Adapter Cord, Full KVA
      Field NEMA 14-50P to NEMA 6-50R. Adapts engine drive 120/240 V plug to common Millermatic and Spectrum 240 V plug.

      or you can make your own

      Pick up a 4-wire Range Replacement cord and a wall mount 6-50r

      You don't connect the white wire.
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        I think this is a good way to go.. Straight plug fits better in most engine drives. It would cost a bit more then the Range pig tail setup, but the straight plug more then makes up for that.. I have one on order now for my little engine drive. I do have a range cord angle setup for other things, but had to but mickey mouse around HD to get half the parts I needed.

        Weird, just got a e-mail right this moment saying the shipped my order.
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          On the 4-prong 14-50, the top "U" shaped terminal is the chassis (safety) ground and the lower straight blade is the "Neutral" for 120V applications. Although the ground and neutral are bonded (connected) in the machine, to be technically and NEC correct, the neutral is never used as the safety ground.

          For a converter pigtail, the neutral white wire that Broccoli 1 mentions from the 4-prong 14-50P plug/cord doesn't get used as he stated on the 6-50R receptacle end that has only two hots and the safety ground.
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