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Can a newer Optima be adapted for an older inverter?

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  • Can a newer Optima be adapted for an older inverter?

    Been looking back and can't seem to find what I need to know. Seems I was told that a newer model Optima pendant can be adapted with an expensive adapter cord that adapts the 14-pin to use the 14 and 17-pin connectors on older inverters.

    To be specific, I have a Maxtron 300. Just like the Maxtron 450, it has the 14 and 17 pin connectors. The manual for the "Optima" only refers to newer power sources. The manual for the Maxtron only mentions "Optima". There was an Optima 300, specifically for the Maxtron 300, and the manual indicates it will not work on a Maxtron 450 and I suppose an Optima 450 pendant will not work for a Maxtron 300.

    Question remains: Am I recalling correctly? Can the newer Optima be used with Maxtron 300 by using an adapter cord? I recall asking 7A749 about it a while back, but can't recall what he said. I'll write it down this time If so, how expensive is the cord and can I DIY one? Once adapted (if possible) will the preset programs be useful at all?


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    Think you're out of luck there.

    I may be wrong but think it has more to do with what machines the newer Optima's are set up "to communicate" with rather than a cord issue.

    When I installed my Optima pulser (newer model) it was programmed for an XMT 350. I was installing it on an XMT 304. When first hooked up, the readings between the XMT and the wirefeeder were not the same. Once it was "set" for the XMT 304 the readings are right on. I don't remember a maxtron being an option.

    To be sure though, I'd call Miller tech support.
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      That's what I was concerned about. I think I'll just pass this one by. If the price were a bit more enticing I'd go ahead and call and bother the Miller reps. Thanks.