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  • got no arc

    I got a xmt 304 and bought a used s74dx feeder and everything works great but won't arc. Sure I got it hooked up rite but may be missin something. Any ideas?
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    You might have a switch flipped wrong. Any pics of the front of the welder?...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Check the connecting cable.

      V readout should be the same between the power supply and feeder, when you've got the selector switch set to remote.

      Have you tried attaching a set of stick leads and doing a little stick welding?
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        Did you set the Default Power Source to XMT 304 at start up?

        Do you have the operators manual for the S-74DX to know how to set it up?
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          I've stick welded and rig welded wih it and have when through the manual and set it all up and still got nothing. It's set on xmt 304