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Question about welding two different thickness of materials

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  • Question about welding two different thickness of materials

    Howdy one and all. I am in the process of finally starting to build my welding table, my first one, and my first real big project by myself outside of work. SO I am using 2x2x1/4 steel for the frame, and using either 3/16 or 3/8 plate for the top. I am not sure which one I am going to use, I have a call in to my local steel shop to see if they have any remmants of plate. It's a bit pricey I have discovered. So my question is about the setting when welding the plate to the frame. Do I set the maching for the plate thickness and be careful of burning through the frame, or set it for frame thickness? Or is this such a small difference in thickness that it does not matter? I want to make sure I do it right, thanks for your advice and guidance.

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    Here is one that I built last summer....

    I used .120 wall one inch and one and quarter square tubing and then 1/4 plate for the top. I got a drop piece 30x30 and the rest for a total of 110.00. Still have some left of the 1 1/4 - had to buy 20 foot pieces of both.

    Since both metals are very close - I just set up for the plate but I aimed the most heat at the top or the thickest metal. When I added the receiver for my vice,etc. I had to crank it up for the thicker metal again aiming at the receiver this time, running several passes to make sure it was good and secure - no problems to date.

    I also later added casters and cut the legs off to keep the height constant.

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      I would go with 3/8" top. I would see about bolting the top in place instead of welding it to keep it from warping.


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        set it up to the thicker piece... keep the heat in the thicker section and "wash" the weld pool into the thinner material..
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          Thank you

          Sounds great, thank you for the advice.