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Net Waiting Error On Axcess 300 Welder

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  • Net Waiting Error On Axcess 300 Welder

    I have a net waiting error on a miller Axcess 300 welder. I was told it is a cable but have ohm cable and checked connections what other things could be my problem and how do I check them.


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    The "Net Wait" error is caused by a lack of communication between the PCM process control board in the Axcess power source and the other boards in the wire feeder, the WFM (Wire Feed Module) and the UIM (User Ineterface Module). This failure could be the PCM, the device net cord you discussed, or in the feeder.

    If you have a spare system, swap feeder and/or cords to see if you can get a certain combination to work. If this is your only system you would have to take off the covers of both the power source and the feeder and observe the communication LEDs. These LEDs are larger and can illuminate in either a red color or green color. When everything is working correctly they will all be green. But when there is a failure, as in a "Net Wait", the color of these LEDs and if they are solid lit or flashing will help determine where the failure is.


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      Net Wait Error

      We had the same error, but we have 3 of this welders, we interchange cables and everything was OK with the other two welders.

      We put a spare Axcess 300 welder and it worked ok.

      So it must be some board is damaged.


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        Its usually the serial comunication board pc-13 thats giving you the grief, at least thats been the failure for me, that or its ribbon cable has popped loose from the process board.