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  • Lincoln High frequency box

    I have a Miller HF-15-WG that is giving me some issues, I found a LIncoln HF box for $200 with torch and regulator (no need for reg I have too many now) This would be put on my Shopmaster, any input on if its a good price and if it will work ok with the Shopmaster. One thing I don't love about the the Miller HF-15 is I need my shopmaster to have output running, for the HF-15 to do its thing.

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    You can always double your money on Ebay if things don't work out.


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      Hope you didn't buy it

      For you to be able to use the Lincoln HF box, you will have to hunt down a bypass capacitor kit. The way it was engineered, you will send HF to your Shop Master and burn up your unit. I have a Lincoln HF box sitting on my shelf, I was going to use it, pulled the manual off Lincoln's website and read it, it mentions installing this kit inside your welder. Instead I went ahead and bought me a Miller HF251D high frequency arc starter my brother found on a local classified website for $175, looks and works like brand new. Miller designed this unit to eliminate the chance for HF to even trace back to your transformer.


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        The caps were merely filters, and no, you can't burn up your unit by running the old or new styles of HF boxes/modules. Pure sillyness.


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          Pure sillyness is not reading manuals. I wouldn't risk damaging my welder due to hearsay. Too much liability telling someone to not follow directions.
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            Again if your running a really old 70's or early 80's Lincoln welder, it may not have built in filter caps. The shopmaster does.

            That version of HF box was discontinued 30 years ago