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Two Thumbs up Cruizer!!

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  • Sberry
    Huge asset to this forum. I read stuff he replies here to that I aint even interested in.

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  • Cornerstone
    started a topic Two Thumbs up Cruizer!!

    Two Thumbs up Cruizer!!

    Yesterday my buddy calls to tell me he's heading back to town(6hrs from here) cause he cant get his Vantage to weld properly. So instead of heading to the usual Lincoln approved facility he asks instead for Jeffs( you guys know him as "cruizer") number. I give him the address and he heads there. Cruizer does what he does best and thats dropping everything to get buddy back to work. In fact, he pretty well knew what the problem was after I had spoke to him about it earlier and when my friend showed up, cruizer had a new amphenol connection to install. And voila! My buddy is back up and running and just a short 6hr drive back to work. My buddy was kinda miffed that cruizer wouldn't take payment but as Jeff told me later, he felt bad that my friend had to drive so far for just a minor fix. Two thumbs up Jeff!!

    I consider myself fortunate to live in the same city as Jeff. I see many posts on this forum from guys all over the US and Canada picking his brain about welder problems and typically, he has the answers. I wont take this guy for granted. Just don't get his coffee order wrong. Lol