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    Jesse bike

    Where would you put your right foot after it caught fire .


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      Originally posted by H80N View Post
      so you are trying to tell me that Jesse's welds look professional to you???


      did you even look at those Stainless Steel welds he did on that frame...
      Must be my eyes, but those welds are hard to make out with all the shine and not an extreme closeup.
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        All 3 'bikes' we dissappointing. At least Jesse built his own frame (still jealous of that table he has). PJD's bike, well it looks goofy. More like a bicycle. Sr's, well who knows. I've seen older Jesse James choppers and they were much sleaker/lower and very spartan looking. This one he could barely ride (handle bars too far forward/not enough rake)

        Back when they had the biker build off series, I really like the bikes where they custom designed the frame and built it with little or no straight lines. All the OCC bikes, PJD's and as far as I know all the Jesse James bikes, have the same basic, off-the-shelf, frame.

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          best fabricator

          Jesse is the best fabricator out of all of them example no.1 he was the first to make a bike out of copper and rivets and rode it thru Mexico. no.2 he builds bike that are meant to be rode and rode hard. No.3 how many springer front ends have senior or junior ever forged from scratch none Jesse has done it. when was the last time you saw senior or jr build a water cooled antique race car engine from the ground up and install it in in a bike let alone a engine very few people alive have ever heard of or even seen. If you dont believe this look into the last show discovery ever did for Jesse right before he shut down west coast choppers in 2010 called Jesse James blacksmith and seeing how jr and Sr have people do most if not everything for them and Jesse was working alone **** near the entire time. the tank he built, the frame he built lacing spokes is kinda a fading skill there is no real comparison Jesse builds Road bikes Sr and Jr build SHOW bikes.
          As for the copper bike
          Click image for larger version

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            So he goes to Isreal to take blacksmithing lessons... and then makes a video basking in the skills of his teacher...

            a 2 hour puff piece of Jesse James self promotion..... and the Drake Bike ends up being a trailer queen anyway .... while he rode one of his old bikes through Big Bend country.....(Cisco Bike)

            guys like Dave Perewitz or Arlen Ness are the ones that should be put up as examples... not the spoiled whiner................

            Oh by the way..... the "Copper Bike" would not have been possible without lessons from and handholding by, master metalshaper Fay Butler.... (the subject of another self promoting Jesse James videos)......

            believe what you like.... time and the light of day will reveal the truth...

            the world of unreality TV is not where we should be looking for examples.... most of it is just as real as pro-wrestling.................................. the real guys are boring to watch... while the fools make "Good TV"
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              I doubt Jesse is a daily driver of a tig machine anymore. I would trade the fab skill for the business acumen he has 3 for 1. I don't watch the stuff, have seen about 1 of each of those. Of course Jesse is a self promoter, its obvious he is right, it works and you don't need every one in the world to love you anymore.
              Personally I see junk, the subject matter of a motorcycle doesn't interest me to start with then add the fact that they build junk, most intended to appeal in a wanton way to a class that can least afford it designed to sell a shirt or hat. I could hit the mega lottery tomorrow and you still couldn't pay me to buy a piece of **** like them guys do. The drama adds another layer of insult.
              A show I do watch is this old house, put Norm and Tommy with a Maxstar and a plasma and I would be all over it. Build a set of stairs and I gonna watch it.


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                i wouldnt turn down an invite to any of their shops. heck i wouldnt even turn down an invite into one of the posters of this threads shop so i could see how its supposed to be done.

                like its been said, maybe they do suck at building bikes but how are your marketing skills?
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