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    Afternoon all,

    Wasn't really sure if this is this best place to post this but I will start here. I just recently purchased a Millermatic 211 as my very first welder. I have little to no experience with any welder or technique. I do have a couple of very good friends who I would say are accomplished welders and they are a good source of info. My question is, Miller's site is vast to say the least and I see they offer some very good starter info. Any direction you all could provide on some good MIG info for new comers to the trade would be most helpful. I will use the search button till then.

    Thank you all.


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    here is a good place to start on this site..

    you may not be aware but your owners manual has basic setup info and tips if you do not have a copy... here is a link... enter your serial #

    have fun and take your time going over the material......

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      Nother web site to visit

      Check out "" it is a nonbrand specific site with lots of good stuff to learn there too. More topics than on here.


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        You might be interested in the Miller Student Training Package - Miller Student Package $70.00 - #211630 that you can order from this website under Resources for Sale. I have one and it has been very good and covers MIG, TIG, SMAW, FCAW, etc.

        Good luck and enjoy your new welder. This is a great hobby and can be a profitable small business for you in the future.
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          As a newbie welder myself, I have found to have some great info along with that on Miller's site.


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            I second that.

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