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    Ok so I am currently going to a community college in a Professional Pilot associates degree. But I have had a long fascination with welding have always wanted to learn the trade. Since I am also finished with my associates with the pilot program I wanted to start the welding program at the school also. Long story short I am under chapter 35 with the VA and the school pays for my classes and books since my pops served in Vietnam, but anyway I have to convince the woman in charge of accepting double majors that aviation and welding are related, that welding will help with me be a better hiring candidate as a pilot or as a welder. Please give me some help all the research I've done I can only find are aerospace welding jobs welding airframes and what not. I would actually rather be a pipe welding or any type of welding for that matter. I only need help convincing the school that it would be related. Im not necessarily wanting to join the fields together but if I do find something I may do that. Thank you for your time and help.

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    You should check out the EAA site and their info on constructing aircraft. Some light aircraft production involves manual welding as does a lot of aviation GSE (Ground Support Equipment) maintenance.

    You might want to max out on degrees and seek a commission. That's actually an excellent background for an aircraft maintenance officer. With the move to UAVs, you could also seek a UAV career and get in on the ground floor of the future of combat aviation. After you retire you can move to civilian slots or defense contracting.

    You can also get even more degrees since the G.I. Bill will pay for a full four year ride and active duty tuition assistance lets you study while you are in.

    Find a system which will outlive you, or a high tempo career field that's expanding. The people who made the first C-130s are long dead but the C-130 is still in production.

    Avoid fighters. The heavy world is more stable.

    I was a USAF Avionics weenie (Phantoms, Broncos) then Engine troop and Crew Chief (F-16 A/B/C/D) for 26 years and would do it again without hesitation.

    The civilian employment world is uncertain, unstable, and generally unpleasant. I enlisted during a Recession and haven't felt one since.
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      FAA Pubs

      The FAA has tons of welding related pubs... here is a link to welding pubs at FAA you should find enough ammo there...

      1930Case has provided an excellent avenue... as well
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