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MM252 fan not coming on

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  • MM252 fan not coming on

    HI ALL ! i have been welding a little with my 252 and have not heard the fan kick on yet . my question, is it supposed to come on only when it gets hot or is it supposed to come on all the time ? i by no means have been working it very hard short beads at short intervals but i do leave the machine turned on for a few hours at a time .just wandering when is the fan supposed to come on ? thanks CHRIS

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    hey, i have a 252, and you have to do alot of welding, on 24 plus volts to make the fan come on, when im dooing 5/8 aluminum plate, butt weld, i crank her to 27.5 and can go about 6 to 7 feet of continus welding before the fan will cut in, then runs for a quick moment and shuts off. on 24 feet of welding, 5/8 to 1/2 sq butt, aluminum, machine dam near cranked, the fan mote cut in 2 times, and i have never reached duty cycle yet.. belive me, i have pushed it to the point where on a hot day i have seen frost on argon regulator..with it set at 28-30 cfm no lie!, great machine.


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      Fan is controlled by a thermostat. Only comes on as needed.
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        "Fan-On-Demandâ„¢ cooling system only operates
        when needed, reducing power consumption
        and contaminants drawn into the machine"

        They don't mention it in the manual, only on the sales Brochure
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