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  • millermatic 251

    just piked up a 251 millermatic-awesome machine. my question is i need a new nozzle but the manual shows 5 different ones. some flush, some recessed, one even called stickout-how do i determine which one i need. the 251 has a miller m-25 gun

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    We prefer the 1/8" recessed 5/8 orifice Part no. 169725
    252 Miller Mig
    180 Synchrowave
    R - 45 Milling Machine
    Kingston 1100 Lathe
    Miller 2050 Plasma Cutter


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      The contact tip flush and contact tip stick out past the end of the nozzle an 1/8" are for short circuit transfer (frying bacon sounding arc). The contact tip recessed an 1/8" nozzle is for spray transfer or a gas shielded fluxcore wire.

      For short circuit transfer I prefer the 1/8" stick out nozzle as my general purpose nozzle. The reason being because it allows you to keep a shorter stickout on inside corner joints. I am doing nothing but outside corner joints (short arc), I actually switch to a flush nozzle.


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        The flush tip nozzle will be a more universal use nozzle if it's just a welder your using at home, you can short circuit and spray with that nozzle without any problem. Just watch your spatter build up or keep it coated with your handy nozzle gel. Oh and with a 5/8" orifice.


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          i've got the wire stuck to the tip a few times so i need to watch that a little closer. thanks for the tip- if the nozzles aren't too expensive, i'll purchase the 3 and try them. probably won't run flux-core thru this machine as i have my lincoln set up for that. thanks again