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What is normal fan behavior for a Dynasty 200?

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  • What is normal fan behavior for a Dynasty 200?

    After reading here for a very long time, I finally have my dream machine in the garage, a Dynasty 200DX, running on 220V - single phase.

    I had the impression that the 200's normally weld for quite a while on low to moderate amp settings without the fan ever coming on. I tried to search through this forum, but I can't put my finger on a post that confirms that impression.

    The behavior I am seeing is that if I run on DC maybe 140A to weld 1/8, even if I am hardly pressing the pedal, the fan will come on after about 15 seconds, and stays on as long as the arc is on. The fan shuts off pretty soon after I stop the arc (but I haven't paid any attention to how long it runs).

    So, of course, the question is: is it normal for the fan to come on within seconds of welding at 50-100A?

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    Completely normal for a new machine, If I had it my way that fan should be on all the time.


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      I should have mentioned that the only issues I have with it, is knowing that the behavior is normal, and that the first time I was welding, I wasn't expecting the noise, so I flinched and stuffed the tungsten right into the newly formed puddle.


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        Flinched? I wish I could use that excuse. Total time today was 32 minutes and a few seconds. 19 dips of the tungsten into the pool. But I was welding 3/4" nuts to washers and everything was going fine until hitting the corner of the hex flats when invariably, dip city. Even worse was welding those assemblies to 1-1/2" square tube ends. The 2-1/4" OD of the washers is perfect to center on the ends of the tube.

        Yes, I pickled the hardware free of zinc and zero smoke alarm issues today. I've yet to have zinc fume problems but not going to tempt fate.

        My go-to rust removal called Clean and Etch (paint prep) got the rusty pieces bright and also works great on zinc removal.

        All welded square and true, this is a steering mechanism to convert casters into a wagon-like steering system for my 1/2 ton generator. Just tested it out in the back yard, SUCCESS! On level ground, it moves easily and steers like a dream.


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          On my dynasty fan activation is spuratic. I don't really pay attention to it. I've got about a year on it since new and my use of it can be 4hours a day to 5 minutes in 2 weeks. I figure as long as it comes on its ok. Sometimes depending on material it seems to come on almost instantly and some times it seems like forever till the fan comes on. Hope this helps.