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What are you guys using for settings running 1/16" aluminum wire on 1/2 - 3/4 plate?

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  • What are you guys using for settings running 1/16" aluminum wire on 1/2 - 3/4 plate?

    Hi guys, it looks like I have a welding test coming up for a company. I don't know a lot about their alloys used, just that they're running lincoln push pulls, and and I believe they're running 1/16" solid, probably 5356 since its all specialty structural. Most of my aluminum work has been tig. All I've welded in terms of aluminum wire has been with my own machines, with a max material thickness being welded in the 3/8" range. Anyways, long story short, it looks like they're working with aluminum plate starting in the 3/8" - 1/2" range up to the better part of 1", all from the same gun / wire setup.

    1. If you run this stuff on a regular basis, what settings (ballpark) are you running this wire at?

    2. If I'm not burning back into the tip do I have to worry about running it too hot on the large plate with a large wirefeed like this? (Too hot = implying a loss of weld strength due to overheating parent material)

    3. Most of the stuff there is welded on rotating positioners and clamp tables. If a bit needs to be done out of position, can this larger wire be run overhead and vertical ok? I know I've run .035 and I think some .045 overhead a few years back and it was OK, but that was a lot smaller weld puddle then I'll be dealing with here.

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    Setting Guide

    Sorry for the late response, but hopefully some of this can still help. Here's a basic guide to look for info:

    1. Check out the guide above -specifically pg. 14-16

    2. You should always be concerned about too much heat into the work piece. Burning back towards the tip has little to do with putting too much heat into the plate. You could be burning towards the tip and be at low welding current that is too cold for the material thickness. This is corrected by parameter adjustment. (see guide above)

    3. This larger diameter wire can be taken out of position. Depending on the setting you are using on the positioner you may need to make a parameter adjustment, but 1/16” diameter can be welded out of position. (see guide for settings on 1/16)