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sidekick wire feed speed inconsistant

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  • sidekick wire feed speed inconsistant

    I bought this Sidekick welder at auction "ready to go" ya right, at least I got it cheap. I have put in the right drive rollers for soild core wire and a new liner and grabed the spair the regulator and tank for my Snapon unit.
    Well, when I try to weld the wire speed starts out too fast, then slows down to almost nothing, it doesn't take to long for the change, 30 seconds to a minute.
    Is this the drive control board or could it be the adjusting reastat? How can I check these things?

    Thanks, Ray

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    side kick


    I would check to make sure your heat switch is locked in a heat setting. If it isn't then the motor wont work. If the motor still doesn't work then it's most likely your motor control Board. But I will have it checked out with a meter. If you need more help just ask I will check back.



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      Let me add, Check your contactor and the wire feed relay cr1.
      Put an DC volt meter from work to drive housing see if your open circuit voltage stays up or fads away. If OCV fads away double check voltage switch and contactor. ( remember to hold trigger on) If OCV stays up and motor slows down.
      Check CR1 and PCB. should be a diagram pasted inside the welder.
      One side of CR1 applies power to the motor, The other side is the motor Brake.
      Use the diagram to test speed pot and voltage inputs to pcb. Make sure if the voltage to the motor is fading or staying up. Have fun and be careful.
      Is your the 115 volt or 230 volt model?
      If you don't know how to use a voltmeter, please get help.
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        The welder I have is a 110volt unit.
        What voltages should I be findin at these points?
        What should I expect to see between the drive housing and the work ground? That will change with the heat setting true?
        I would think that at the cr1 relay there will be voltage at the motor drive side when the relay is energized and the brake side when at rest right? will that be 110 volt ac?
        Will the voltages from the speed pot will steadly increase as I turn the speed up?
        The other voltages you said to check will be the feed power to the board, steady with the machine on?

        Thanks a bunch, I want to make sure that I only buy parts that I need, not use the shotgun approach.