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Coolmate™ 3X cooler on Syncrowave 250DX Questions

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    Well for the most part the fan is driven off the pump, and you don't want to use the water cooled torch without any flow, cause you will literally burn up the torch.

    So the thermostat idea won't work!

    I suppose you could install the likes of a muffin fan on the rad, then maybe.


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      Originally posted by SundownIII View Post
      On thin SS, using the high speed pulsing on the Dynasty, is where the unit shines.

      I'd say the Airgas ad is wrong. Looks like a salesman tried to combine features from a 2007 machine with the features of a new machine.

      What "really" throws me a curve is the comment about torch hangers on both sides. On the integrated cooler machine, one side was designed as a fill for the internal cooler. The upgrade kit that Miller offers to replace the internal cooler with a 3X, includes a torch hanger to replace the fill spot.

      With the issues Miller had with "coolant on demand" with the 05-07 units, I seriously question if they'd go back there.
      Yeah, I suppose the ad is just outdated. Thanks for confirming that.

      Thanks again to everyone for your insight here. I'm really leaning toward a Syncrowave 250DX with air cooled torch to get me started. It's affordable that way and when I have the extra cash, I can add the cooler and have a really nice machine that should last me a lifetime.