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Am I Totally Hosed? How Hosed Am I?

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  • Am I Totally Hosed? How Hosed Am I?

    Before I begin, I should probably mention that I went to the Forum FAQ and did a search using the phrase "Owner Manual" and "Owners Manual". I searched under "All Words", "Any Words" and "Whole Phrase". Zero Results. I guess the FAQs are Forum use questions only. I DID download the manual for mine from the Miller site but it is pretty thin and no good for problem solving unless you're getting error codes which I am not.

    Bought an XMT304CC/CV off CL. It's nine years old (based on the serial number). Paid $1,200.00. Gal that sold it to me claimed she herself saw it working fine and it had just sat in her garage since. All I got was the box with the wall cable attached. Of course, it does not work. Bought it two days ago. She's got $75.00 left of my money.

    When I power it up the V and A readouts jump around in very low numbers and I get no spark at all (I've only tried stick so far). The knobs are pointing where they're supposed to. My first inclination is to tear the cover off and see if anything is obviously bad. The local Miller Rep would be a last resort.

    When it comes to the internals of these things I know nothing and I can prove it. What should I look for/at when I tear the cover off? Anybody had these same symptoms?
    Thanks very much.

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    I do not understand why your local Miller Rep would be a last resort. I have never had a problem with any Miller dealer/Rep even if I never made a purchase from each their own. You could also call and speak with a Miller Tech in Appleton, WI, to see if they can walk you through the troubleshooting. It would have been helpful if you could/would have fired it up at the place of purchase, but since it is too late now, a friend or other owner of the same model may be able to give you some helpful info.

    Are you sure you are supplying the correct input power, and all needed connections/settings have been made? I know it can be frustrating to have a new piece of equipment and not being able to get the unit to function properly. On several occasions I have had the same problem, and it generally turns out that I was the problem, not the machine. I have never owned or operated an XMT304, but from what I have read, they appear to be a very dependable unit. I hope it turns out to be a minor glitch and you get that beast up and running.........................good luck.


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      Call 920 954 3809 after 7 am central. Those are the guys to ask about XMT's. That is where they are made.



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        XMT304 Hosing

        Thanks very much guys.
        I'll get back here with what I learn.


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          I also know nothing about the inside of a welder, but if it has been sitting for a number of years I would look at maybe dirty/corroded contacts or something similar that might be stuck from non-use.

          my 2 pennies worth.


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            i'd make sure its a 230/460 machine, and if your running single phase to be sure you've got it hooked up to the correct terminals


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              Getting Somewhere

              Called the number DB gave me (thanks DB). Guy who answered the phone was THE GUY (no menu/recording BS). Guy heard me out, thinks electronics need a look at, take it to my LMR. PraxAir (12 miles as the google flies).

              Thanks a bunch guys.