Has anyone here taken the Newport News Shipyard test? I'm interested in knowing ahead of time as much as I can about the process.

I haven't got any real info but I've heard that they test in stick 11018-1/8th, Mig, and fluxcore. G2, 3, & 4 but only G2 on mig. Again, this hasn't been confirmed by a reliable soarce.

I'm not sure of the mig or FCAW wire size or weather or not the fluxcore is dual or self shielded.

Be nice to know ahead of time the wire brand & machine brand so that I can look up their running parameters.

Any other info such as metal thickness, time limit, backing strip type, do they let you grind & how much is too much, .

If they use 11018 - 1/8th do I need to preheat the coupon before welding?

I've never run 11018 but as I understand it... it's very similar to 7018... any advice on testing with this rod is appreciated.