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Powder coating structural aluminum?

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  • Powder coating structural aluminum?

    Ok, as some of you know I ride motocross and freestyle motocross. I'm a big guy and like to jump high. Well, I bought a Honda CR250 that was powdercoated already. My buddy had it done and he does all the big stuff.....flips and all....big big jumps BUT he's 160 pounds where I'm like 230 dressed. Anyways, I broke the swingarm last week and I feel it was from the powder coat curing temperature/time. I've heard some horror stories of powder coated wheels liking like pretzels after one or two rides. Has anyone successfully powder coated aluminum dirt bike parts and kept the strength in it? My swingarm actually bent slightly(looks more warped actually) but it started cracking from the top(not at any welds but it is where the tubes are bent to transfer from the cast front section to the straight tube section. Not near any welds or holes. Needless to say, I'd like to get my new swingarm powdercoated if it's possible to do it properly. Thoughts? Curing temperature/time? Thx. Dave

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    Most powdercoaters only heat the parts to 325 degrees some guys use a lower temp powder. Most mfgs of the powders give a set range to use the powders. I saw one place that did my train bridges that could do glass bottles to make them shatter proof....Bob
    Bob Wright