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Ni rod welding cast center section to steel on axle housing.

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  • Ni rod welding cast center section to steel on axle housing.

    Hey everyone, I am new here and have a question regarding welding the cast center section of my rear axle (14 bolt) to the steel tubes for extra strength. My jeep will see some abuse in the rocks on 40+ tires.

    I am only experienced stick welding with our Blue Star 185 at work on the mountain. I have been using 1/8 7018 to build steel features for our terrain park.

    I have read discussions between Ni 99 and Ni 55 rod. What I have gathered is 55 needs to be pre/post heated and peened to hold up. Ni 99 is doesnt need the heating,etc and is less strong.

    Does cleaning the slag work as peening?

    How hot would I need to pre heat to?

    The material I will be welding is at least 1/4" to 1/2"

    The tubes are pressed into the center section and I am welding them for peace of mind and I want to try it for experience. If I was welding a truss to the tubes and tying it into the top of the cast housing where it might see more stress would that change your recommendation? The truss will be where the suspension links would mount and see more stress than just the tubes to the center section.

    Thanks in advance for any advice and info,


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    Pre heat would around 300, with intermediate heat to keep the entire piece at a constant temp while welding, then a very slow cooling, cover with a heat blanket. Make very small stringers moving around and peen it with your chipping hammer all over yound stinger. Post heat the complete part after welding, before covering with your heat blanket


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      I would not use ni-rod for this. I have welded a number of these & have used dual shield wire & also used 7018. Minor preheat to about 250 degrees. This is just my opinion from my experience.

      The tubes are also plug welded from the factory not just pressed in.
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        Ditto what MMW said...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          Center section is cast steel not cast iron. 7018 will work fine.


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            bad move

            practice on some thing else, the 14 bolt is rugged enough, you will weaken the axle if you weld the tubes to the case, the heat from welding will shrink the tubes, in and around the plug welds, so now you will have a loose fit, where before it was a press fit, then plug welded which tightens up the fit even more due to shrinkage. what you want to do seems like a good thing but it is not, if you want to do some welding on the axle, build a truss over the housing, which 14 bolt do you have, the old design or a 14 bolt from the newer trucks


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              14 bolt

              I have an older version 14 bolt, I plan on trussing it for 4 link suspension. I would like to tie the truss into the housing or else have it bolt to the diff cover. The center section is cast iron. I have been grinding on it and the sparks are red in color. Also a reputable 4x4 website states it is cast iron.

              It is very common to weld the tubes to the housing in the rockcrawling world. If done correctly it shouldn't harm the housing. I am curious which nickel rod you would recommend, 99 or 55.

              Thanks for all the input so far.



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                its your call, i have built many trucks for off road, i have done tons of spring over,s, of all the trucks that i have seen with the tubes welded were built by hacks running over size tires on under size axles, there is no reason to even consider welding the tubes, that is about the toughest axle out there that has been installed in a truck, those axles are built to carry a **** load of weight, the center section is cast steel, weldit with your mig, preheat, post heat and run it hot, if you still want to use ni rod, you can but the mig will be stronger, i have done destructive test on this material, instead of ni rod i use 312 stainless, it is basically the same, alot cheaper, what are you using for the front axle. i have a military cucve, its got the 14 bolt with a detroit and the dana 60 in front, the 60 is for a truck with a single tire rear end. future project,i have alot of friends who run full size general motors, no 10 bolts, all the 1 ton gear, 44 inch swampers, none of which have tubes welded. good luck on your build