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S-32S Feeder on Trailblazer 302

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  • S-32S Feeder on Trailblazer 302

    i have found a S32s feeder setup and was wanting to get some info on putting it with my trailblazer . It is the feeder ,tweco gun ,little external box with 110 plug and female 2 prong twist plug (like goes in the older cp models)and gas line. i was wanting to know if there was any single phase machines that it would run off of and if i could run it with the trailblazer. i am trying to replace my linde 225 mig.

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    See manual for connection diagram.


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      Unsure what the 110 box is all about as the s-32s is a voltage sensing feeder.

      whats the serial#


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        The Box has a 3 pin connector going to feeder and a regular 110 plug and 2 prong twist plug coming out. no alligator clip


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          The 2 prong conector is for contactor control, likely A & B on a Miller, the 3 wire unit is for remote voltage control. (There is NO 115 Vac operation so don't plug into a wall or anything) And your missing the aligator clamp to make the unit go vroom.